Skin Care

skin care

Our European Facial includes the deep cleaning of black heads and white heads. We use two different kinds of masks. Other procedures/applications in the process include an excellent steam, a comforting massage, and high frequency that makes blood circulation faster, and gives a nice tone to your skin. Your face will definitely be clean, healthy, and shiny!

Thanks to our skin care spa treatments, you can rely on us anytime for unmatched expertise. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our skills and knowledge. Once you see what we have to offer in facials, you’ll understand why we’re the preferred choice in Burbank, CA.

We take great pride in our track record because we've never let a customer down when it comes to skin treatment. When you look at the difference between us and the competition, you will see that City Salon Spa is the superior choice. If you’ve been looking for skin care services, your search is over.